Hi! My name is Karolina Andreasova and I was born in the heart of Europe – Czechoslovakia.
I grew up in Kosice as an inspired daughter of a fantastic teacher and photographer Teodor Andreas. I saw plenty of inspiring cultural events all my life, both at home and at my new home here in beautiful North Devon, UK.

I truly enjoy working both as an artist and photographer. As a natural progress, from 2019, I dived into restoration of damaged photographs. I also produce short video clips and if time allows me to, I paint portraits in oils and pastels (plus some other mediums). I am mostly self-taught and I passionately support local community and my fellow creative colleagues.

Thanks to my lovely Dad, I grew up in many creative ways: I attended this Art school, ceramics club, and most of all I loved to develop photographs in our dinky little dark room (from an age of five).

Creativity is oxygen for our souls. We simply cannot live without it. As AI strips our brains of certain necessary creative struggles that make us intellectually grow, there are reasons to be worried, and talk about this.

Artist’s happy life

My post-school professional experiences were almost always related to these two inextricably intertwined industries. It is very clear that our art feeds into photography and that the photography constantly influences art, probably most obviously in the highly trending photo-realism which I too absolutely fell in love with.

It’s all a beautiful thing.

I adore people, their unique complex stories, and I love to help others any way I possibly can. Nature, science and our connections to it all fascinate me. Actions that implement art (any creativity) into our education, raising an awareness about ongoing burning issues are always my preferred kinds of actions.

Please check out these awesome people and organisations which inspire me IMMENSLY.
I think they’re worth your time.

The technical skills gained over the years enable me to offer you some super handy extra options, such as a high quality photoshoot of an animal you commission me to portray.

Or, I use an iPad to help you bring your vision alive in situ, like I did at the local skate park. I will discuss anything that lies within the possibilities of my visual arts and personal style.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

(Albert Einstein)

Everything you see on this website is custom-made by me, the artist. From sketches to articles, no other human – or AI – creates the content here. In the sea of artificial perfection out there, I am proud of the cyber-space a real and imperfect human being created here.

My intention always is to produce visuals that are organic, authentic, genuine. Do I dare say – one of a kind.

For example, I recently felt inspired (love it when that happens!) to create this background: blueprints of my beloved Canon camera, doodles of some things connected to the work I have done.

Right here, below these letters, is a map of the Quince Honey Farm and the location of a “Hexibition”.

Merging art and science, it is a space to learn about our bees, their anatomy, function, evolution and lots more.

It’s been truly exciting to contribute to this amazing project.