I am a bee guardian!

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It’s official. They arrived from a very kind person in midlands last week. We are super busy building a bee house and chasing all sorts of plants to give them an amazing life, so we can release them at our … Continued

Exploring the Microcosm

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This article was written by Artificial Intelligence. The Vital Trio of Entomology, Macro Photography, and Citizen Science In the intricate tapestry of life on Earth, insects play a crucial role, often unseen by the naked eye. Entomology, the scientific study … Continued

New Year, new beginnings…

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With this New Year, as an artist and a photographer observing human behaviours, I got only one wish for all of us: to take better care of our complex, beautiful blue planet. I could just as well caption this image … Continued

.short clips

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Quince Honey Farm Published for the Easter 2024, this elaborate short clip exists thanks to several months of careful observation, learning, photographing, hectic filming (insects and educators are all very fast!) and then endless hours of editing, amending, exporting, uploading … Continued

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