I am a bee guardian!

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It’s official. They arrived from a very kind person in midlands last week. We are super busy building a bee house and chasing all sorts of plants to give them an amazing life, so we can release them at our Community Garden in a few week’s time.

Working on the nesting habitat for these little darlings is currently my top priority. We need to help the bees any way we can – especially the solitary ones, which continue to be on decline.

Above: collage of the solitary bees observed at the South Molton Community Garden last year (2023). Cocoons we have are of the red masons – Osmia Bicornis, busy collecting mud in between the rocks of our herb spiral (second from bottom right).

Exploring the Microcosm

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This article was written by Artificial Intelligence.

The Vital Trio of Entomology, Macro Photography, and Citizen Science

In the intricate tapestry of life on Earth, insects play a crucial role, often unseen by the naked eye. Entomology, the scientific study of insects, provides us with invaluable insights into the complex and interconnected ecosystems that support our planet. When combined with the artistry of macro photography and the collective power of citizen science, this trio becomes a potent force in unravelling the mysteries of the microcosm.


Entomology serves as a gateway to understanding the remarkable diversity and ecological significance of insects. With over a million identified species, insects comprise the largest and most diverse group of organisms on Earth. Studying their behaviour, anatomy, and ecological interactions helps scientists comprehend the delicate balance that sustains life on our planet. From pollination and decomposition to acting as indicators of environmental health, insects play indispensable roles in maintaining the balance of ecosystems.

Macro Lens: A Window into the Miniature World

Macro photography allows us to explore the enchanting world of insects up close. Through specialized lenses and techniques, photographers capture intricate details that are often overlooked. These captivating images not only showcase the aesthetic beauty of insects but also provide scientists with valuable visual data for research.
Macro photography bridges the gap between scientific observation and public appreciation, fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world.

The Synergy of the Trio

The collaboration between entomology, macro photography, and citizen science creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits both science and society. Scientists gain access to a vast pool of data, accelerating research efforts and expanding our understanding of insect populations and behaviors. Simultaneously, the public becomes more engaged with the natural world, developing a sense of environmental stewardship.

The Power of Citizen Science

Citizen science involves the active participation of the public in scientific research, and in the realm of entomology, it can be a game-changer. Enthusiastic individuals armed with cameras become citizen scientists, contributing valuable data to research projects. Platforms like iRecord, iNaturalist and BugGuide empower citizens to document and share their observations of insects. This democratization of science not only accelerates data collection but also raises public awareness about the importance of insect conservation.


Entomology, macro photography, and citizen science converge to unveil the hidden wonders of the miniature ecosystems that surround us. This trio enables us to appreciate the intricate beauty of insects, understand their ecological roles, and actively contribute to scientific knowledge. As we delve deeper into the microcosm, we not only enrich our understanding of the natural world but also strengthen our commitment to preserving the delicate balance that sustains life on Earth.

Welcome to my first blog ever!

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Eeeek, how do I do this? Truth be told, I always loved to write, just not in English… I come from Czechoslovakia, eastern area now known as Slovakia. Coming to UK in 2005 wasn’t easy – a lot of people laughed at my foreign accent. That doesn’t boost one’s confidence! Despite of that, I am still here, almost twenty years later (wow), and not afraid to make – and learn from – mistakes.

I think writing a blog will be fun. I see it as a safe space away from social media were I get to share some background stories to some photographs I’ve taken (oh, there are so many), some bizarre experiences that may make you laugh, and I’ll also attempt to offer some advice on things I understand.

I am no “know-it-all” and I often laugh at the goofy and ever so slightly aging myself. That makes me an ideal person to approach – I don’t look down on anyone and I am always super thrilled to be asked to help others. So let’s get to work! Shiny new online platform, here we come!