“Bringing precious memories back to life.”

Oh dear! Somebody doodled on a historical photo!


Not a problem! I also replaced the ground under the children’s feet.

Do what you can…

Before After

This image, taken several decades ago, was far too dark, with overexposed skies. The client was over the moon with the result. Frankly, so am I. Quick colour addition, and it looks even more fresh.

I love this photo… but I hate the person next to me!

You probably know this, – Photoshop can make anything, or anyONE disappear…
Let’s be honest – we all wish for that sometimes.
I restored and edited the photo as if the other person never existed.
Hmmm… that’s a lot better! 🙂



Copy of an image

Basic improvements



Fix in under two hours/image

One free print (optional)

Colourisation (optional)



Full image restoration

Please bear in mind, it takes several days to restore highly damaged images

Price depends on complexity of restoration.

Book your free consultation and I will gladly give you an estimated price.

I’ve done restoration works for anything between five and a few hundred pounds. I truly try to fit any budget. Why? Because I understand the true value of our precious memories and how much they mean to us. To see something dear being brought back to life – there’s magic in that.

Nostalgia is not a bad thing!

Scanning films and slides:

Many of us have old 35mm films (like the one above) stored around our houses. These fascinating tiny images can be turned back into decent photographs meeting the visual standards of today. You can put your favourite memory back into a physical picture frame. See an old slide on your electronical device. Watch a slide show of your old family memories.

That’s the beauty of this digital era.

So, how does this work?

I re-photograph any broken or damaged images, scan slides in infrared scanner which restores much of its lost detail. It takes around twenty mins to scan just one image – so, if you have a box of slides or films lying around, it would take a bit of time!

I then use Photoshop (on pc) and Procreate (on iPad) to re-introduce the missing pixels, using my artistic eye, carefully studying the reference image to remain absolutely faithful to the original. This process usually takes up to two hours, sometimes more.

I can also help you get your old movies (e.g. cine films) digitalised. I use third party for those. I have used and recommend Each Moment.