When it comes to painting, my top favourite mediums to work with are oil paints and pastels. Occasionally, I draw digitally. Below is an example of one of the works done in gorgeous Pitt pastels. Original of Naki is currently on a display at the Exmoor Zoo, an important conservation centre that hosts several critically endangered animal species, every single one fascinating and worth seeing and learning about!

Above: A timelapse of how I painted Naki.

These five compilations (below) summarise all the paintings and portraits done by me up to 2024.

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Isn’t it fascinating, to watch something appear in front of you? I almost wish as was as fast as in those videos!

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Double portrait of Best Friends!

Tribute to carers, 2020

Earth Day, 2021

Portrait of my mother, 2019

Sea Turtle, 2019

Portrait of Matt, 2018