Welcome to my first blog ever!

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Eeeek, how do I do this? Truth be told, I always loved to write, just not in English… I come from Czechoslovakia, eastern area now known as Slovakia. Coming to UK in 2005 wasn’t easy – a lot of people laughed at my foreign accent. That doesn’t boost one’s confidence! Despite of that, I am still here, almost twenty years later (wow), and not afraid to make – and learn from – mistakes.

I think writing a blog will be fun. I see it as a safe space away from social media were I get to share some background stories to some photographs I’ve taken (oh, there are so many), some bizarre experiences that may make you laugh, and I’ll also attempt to offer some advice on things I understand.

I am no “know-it-all” and I often laugh at the goofy and ever so slightly aging myself. That makes me an ideal person to approach – I don’t look down on anyone and I am always super thrilled to be asked to help others. So let’s get to work! Shiny new online platform, here we come!