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Quince Honey Farm

Published for the Easter 2024, this elaborate short clip exists thanks to several months of careful observation, learning, photographing, hectic filming (insects and educators are all very fast!) and then endless hours of editing, amending, exporting, uploading until voila! It’s out there at last!
I wish this could be longer (and slower) and more documentary-like (especially those brief but precious views of the other not-bee-insects), but it is a clip I am very proud of. It captures the wonderful aspects of this unique tourist attraction in North Devon.
A bit more info about this collaboration can be found in the LINKS section.
Local hay balls called “stooks” are every summer’s hit here in South Molton, North Devon! They seem to pop up, very fast, every July. People often photograph them – I did too, many times.
In 2021, I’ve pushed myself a little further and filmed how these traditional shapes are made. Enjoy!

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An international multi award-winning artist, local photo news reporter, video editor and producer based in North Devon, UK. Karolina's wildlife themed art works are currently displayed at the Exmoor Zoo, Quince Honey Farm and the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. She's a nature enthusiast and a citizen scientist in entomology. Most importantly, a loving mother of two wonderful kids.

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