New Year, new beginnings…

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With this New Year, as an artist and a photographer observing human behaviours, I got only one wish for all of us: to take better care of our complex, beautiful blue planet.

I could just as well caption this image “be bubbly like me” or “don’t ever be afraid to be creative!” – you are free to see whatever you like, and I just hope you’ll see it as a (read in Bob Ross voice please:) HAPPY LITTLE MONTAGE of the aspects of a creative life: Camera (those are physical filters in my hands), nature (especially the sea life) and protection of our planet.

One more note, if I may: I feel so very grateful to all the people who support me along this way. Good people leave an unforgettable mark, make you think, make you question things, and your own self, but in a good way. Choose your company and continue to be curious, seek solutions, try to improve things, stay humble. That alone, and no money or wealth, is what makes a life worth living!

Happy little montage.